Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm A Carpenter

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Jesus is not happy with your shitty job! Cyanide and Happiness is awesome! Check out their site!

Answer Me Jesus

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The Lord works in mysterious ways and now he will speak to you through this inspired plastic likeness. Hip and holy he possesses the power to amuse and offend. Never again will you have to wonder WHAT JESUS WOULD DO when you hold the answer in the palm of your hand. Fun and funny, this Answer Me Jesus is a blessed way to declare your faith or add a touch of holiness to any decor.

Sadly, Answer Me Jesus is no longer in production. fml

I'm Savin' Up For Jesus!

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Are you saving up for Jesus? Buy this and "Keep your money going in the right direction: save up for the Lord! With this piggy bank, your money and your heart will never stray from the loving arms of Jesus."  LOL. Ready to save for the lord?  Then go ahead and buy here 

Astronaut Jesus!

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Jesus dressed as an astronaut!  It gets better.  You can buy this awesome figure here

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dat Leg, Jesus

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Look at dat leg! Damn you sexy Jesus!