Saturday, August 31, 2013

Aliens Took Jesus

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Aliens took Jesus and the idiots didn't help him!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jesus vs. Charles Darwin

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This is a fight I would pay to see: Jesus vs. Darwin.  Who would win?

Raptor Jesus Went Extinct For Your Sins

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Raptor Jesus: He went extinct for your sins. Never forget.

Jesus Healed Dinosaurs Too

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Jesus traveled all over to heal dinosaurs.  He especially enjoyed healing Raptors!  Why do you think Raptors allowed him to ride them?

Flying Spaghetti Monster & Raptor Jesus

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Flying Spaghetti Monster holding Raptor Jesus. Brilliant!
This awesomeness was created by ~Firell

Hipster Jesus

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Jesus is a true Hipster.

DJ Jesus Pumping The Beats

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DJ Jesus knows how to spin and get the crowd going!

You're Not Gonna Get In My Pants If You Don't Love Jesus

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We can't get into your pants if we don't love Jesus?  Wow, dude.  Do you know how many women you are disappointing?!!  Did your Grandmother knit that for you?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And So Jesus Cat Said...

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Amen, Jesus Cat, Amen.

Cat Jesus by ~Outdated-Map

Cat Madonna and Baby Cat Jesus

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Cat Madonna and Baby Cat Jesus by Teresa Bergen
I have no words for this gem.

It's Jesus Cat!

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Jesus Cat by ~NimaDoodleZ
According to the artist: "Jesus could walk on water.
Jesus the CAT can walk on water AND breakdance on it"  Just awesome!

Jesus Shaves Mug

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The Jesus Shaves Mug begins with the traditional bearded Jesus. But when you pour in hot liquid, a miracle transpires -- His beard gradually vanishes before your very eyes! Before too long, you are looking at a clean-shaven Jesus, LOL!! 

Buy here: Jesus Shaves Mug

Jesus Pill Box

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Nothing like seeing the face of Jesus every time you gotta pop a Xanax!
Buy here: Jesus Pill Box

Threat Alert Jesus

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Yes, this is very real.

"Threat Alert Jesus protects you and your family by warning of changes to the US Government's color coded Threat Level alert system. Feel comforted knowing the Son of God is ever vigilant, taking care of you and your loved ones."
Buy it: Threat Alert Jesus and Apparel

They are even going to come out with an iPhone app! LOL!  When he turns red - get under the bed!! LOLZ 

Jesus Cat Loves You

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Jesus Cat loves you! Meow!

Do You Have A Moment To Talk About Jesus Christ?

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Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ with creepy Jehovah Witness Cat?

Jesus Cat Died For Your Sins Nine Times

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Jesus Cat is much better than regular Jesus. He died NINE times!

Grumpy Cat Tells It How It Is

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Grumpy Cat tells it how it is.  Jesus died for your sins, Grumpy Cat.  NOPE!

Jesus Cat Has No Interest In Physics

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Jesus Cat has no interest in Physics.  Let him walk on water!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jesus As A Cat

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Jesus looks good as a cat! I HAZ RIZZEN! Meow, lol!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jesus Riding His Raptor

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Jesus loves riding dinosaurs.  I think his favorite was the Raptor.

Jesus Smokes Good Shit

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Jesus smokes good shit.  And how kind of him to share with the children!

Jesus Was Here

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Water turned into bottles of wine! Jesus was there!

So That's What Happened to Jesus For Three Days

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So That's What Happened to Jesus For Three Days!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Half-Naked Dancing Jesus Gets Hit by a Bus

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Jesus has some sexy moves! Not cool. bus driver. No cool.